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DECEMBER 19, 1997.

1) Amtrak President Tom Downs resigned unexpectedly on Wednesday, December 10th. On Thursday December 11th, the Washington Post said he was "apparently pushed-out during a two-day meeting of Amtrak's Board." The article discussed how sources said the board was unhappy with Downs' handling with the contract negotiations with the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees earlier this fall. At that time the Clinton Administration asked the board to conduct the negotiations instead of Amtrak management. "The deal that resulted, angered Congressional Republicans because it already required Congress to raise Amtrak funding or face another strike threat," said The Post. Downs' resignation took effect immediately.

The Board named George Warrington, the current President of the NE Business Unit, as acting-President. Interestingly, the Amtrak Reauthorization (Public Law 105-134) contains no "drop-dead" date for the old board. It simply says failure to have a four member quorum of the new board by July 1st, would undo the bill's funding levels, although it would have no impact on the "Roth capital money". Stan Bagley will be acting-President of the NEC. Lee Bullock has been named President of the Intercity Business Unit. He had been it's acting-President.

2) A United Transportation Union offer to hold new contract talks (the contract is two years overdue) with Amtrak West apparently relates to issues specific to Amtrak's west coast commuter and intercity service. The December Progressive Railroading says that UTU International Asst. Vice-President Byron Boyd, Jr. recently said he'd like to negotiate with individual Amtrak Business Units rather than with Amtrak as a whole.

3) Amtrak is restoring the THREE RIVERS stop at Fostoria, Ohio effective immediately.

4) Amtrak added more Colorado Thruway Bus Service in November. Buses to and from Pueblo and Colorado Springs meet the CALIFORNIA ZEPHYR at Denver. That's in addition to CZ bus service to Wyoming (former PIONEER route) and SOUTHWEST CHIEF service via Colorado Springs and Pueblo, which began earlier this year.

5) The week of December 15th, Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson (R) signed into law the requirement that at least 2 crew members be on board before a train may operate in the state. Because of a string of high-profile accidents in Wisconsin, Governor Thompson said the requirement is needed.

6) CSX and Norfolk Southern on Monday December 15th, filed 3,600 pages of testimony to the Surface Transportation Board to rebut critics who don't like the railroad's Conrail acquisition plan. The companies stated that the plan has overwhelming support and will not result in a service meltdown such as experienced in the west with Union Pacific.


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